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Simplify your move…..

Friday Mar 27, 2020

Simplify your move and leave the stress behind you 

Reserve your truck or movers a minimum of 60 days ahead, if you are on short notice 30 days will due but 60 is recommended. Try and schedule your move in the middle of the month, this is usually a slow time for rentals as well as movers since the majority of leases start on the 1st.

Now that you have scheduled the movers you can start planning what to move. Start with eliminating some clutter, we all have it, and we all want to rid ourselves of it. I have a keep, store or donate philosophy that will help you decide what you need to do in order to reduce the clutter. If you have items that you can’t bring yourself to part with, place them in a box , label it with the current date, then in 6 months if you still haven’t used them it’s time to donate. Keeping items is pretty easy but you don’t want to end up with everything in the keep pile, so be realistic and think just how much do you need that item if you had it in the attic in the first place. If you find yourself with a larger than you expected of store it items you may consider using a storage facility, if so you can go to they have spaces available now.

The most important part of the move is packing the truck, make sure you load the front of the house 1st and the back of the house last, because the golden rule has always been make sure the first thing you put in your new place is your bed, set up the bed as well put the sheets and cover on it. The last thing you want to do is move all day and get ready for bed only to find out it still needs to be put together and made.

Moving into a new place is exciting so don’t let the stress of the moving itself get you overwhelmed, think of this as one of many new adventures you will have in your lifetime.