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Renters Insurance

Monday Feb 24, 2020

Renters Insurance

When renting an apartment it is so important to get renters insurance, some apartments require it and some just emphasis how important it is for you to have it. I have dealt with situations where people have had renters insurance and not had renters insurance, and those that didn’t never recovered from their loss. No one ever wants to think that something bad could happen to their belongings or the property where they live, but unfortunately things can occur like theft, water, fire or vandalism. Renters insurance can do so much that most people don’t think about, other than just replace a TV, renters insurance can also provide compensation for alternative living arrangements in the event that your rental unit or rented home becomes uninhabitable due to storm or fire. Renters insurance will help pay your cost if loss occurs from a burglary, the amount of compensation depends on the type of loss and the type of coverage you have.
Often, renters do not get renters insurance because they are concerned about the monthly cost of it, however most policies are only pennies a day. Every insurance company is different so please check with your insurance company for their cost and what they cover, a good place to start would be your auto insurance company a lot of times renters insurance can be added and can save you money.