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Apartment Decorating

Wednesday Nov 20, 2019


The excitement of a new place is the decorating, and decorating an apartment without worry of losing your security deposit can be stressful but with our picks you don’t have to worry.  We all know that apartments use that same neutral wall color and while it will go with everything, its just not your style, and that’s okay because we have tips to have your space looking more like you in a snap. Our number one pick is TEMPORARY WALL TREATMENTS, you can do anything from just a few birds flying to patterns on an entire wall, these can change a dull space into a WOW space in minutes. Our number two pick is LIGHTING, there are so many choices these days from just changing a pendant globe to putting a modest chandelier in your bathroom, just make sure if you are changing out any of the fixtures you keep the originals and put them back up before you move. Make sure you have a licensed electrician do any electrical work. Our number three pick is CURTAINS, hang some curtains that say this space is mine, the colors and patterns are endless but make sure you fill the holes you made for the curtain rods.  Our final pick is PILLOWS, I can’t say enough about throw pillows, there are large pillows, small lumbar pillows, pillow that have sayings on them but our pick are the lumbar pillows! We hope you enjoy your new space and have a blast decorating it.