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The Decorate Debate

Tuesday Nov 05, 2019

Growing up we always decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, it was tradition, but these days you start seeing Christmas Trees in September and 24/7 Christmas music playing on the radio the day after Halloween. What makes the Season feel special is waiting for that special day, the day after you have stuffed yourself to brim with turkey and all of those once a year fixings that only Grandma makes special. Just today there were several house that were all decked out with lights, inflatables and even some fake snow, but I think it just too early for all of that. I think if we start eating turkey and dressing on a Tuesday and just Leave the lights up like some of the neighbors (you know who you are) then the feeling you get when it is time for Turkey and it is time for those decorations to come down out of the attic  just won’t be the same. I know that decorating can be a long process for some folks, I mean some are put to music and some have Santa’s taking photos with kids, and maybe they think that 30 days is just not long enough for all of that effort but I will still hold out until the day after Thanksgiving to put up my Tree and light it up. I hope that you choose to decorate your house when it make you feel in the spirit of the season and because it makes you happy, after all the Reason for the Season is not the lights, trees or even the gifts.